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Super League Soccer


Flick Shoot Soccer Penalty 3D is your chance to make the best goals against best keeper as opponents. Flick shot is your way to win against goal keeper and be a soccer player. You will face not only one goalie, This is not about just kick & making goals when you have one goalie from best opponent team on planet. It is about meeting the targets and goals, there are more and more challenges awaiting for you on upcoming levels. two goalie, three goalie, four and many more, here you get the chance to prove your skills as best soccer player.Can you anticipate the goalie’s movement is advance, as he will always be following your moves, reading your mind, and you will have to hit the target and prove your skills as best football player ever.Download Super League Soccer for FREE now.========= FEATURES ===========PRACTICE:practice mode is to get to know about inputs, controls and physics of the game, Get warmed up here and continue the game.Levels Complexity : Beginner, Mid Level, Master, ProfessionalYou can enhance the complexity once you get familiar with soccer controls of the game.TARGET BASED FOOTBALL GAMEyou will not only goal in ordinary situation, you have to throw the ball at right position to hit the target to get maximum scores and extra time.
TIME BASEDYou are also playing against time, count down has began and you will have to goal at maximum to beat the time and you will get many more levels.
GOAL BASED:Here you will have to worry about goals only and further you will have many levels to master.
Easy to Play with real life like players and Animations.Easy to LearnVery Optimised
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